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Hosting a Give Back Blood Drive is a wonderful way to celebrate someone whose life was saved because of donated blood or to honor the memory of a loved one who used blood products during the fight for his or her life. Regardless of how blood donation has touched your life, you can always be a contributor in your community by volunteering your time to sponsor a blood drive.

Tips for Recruiting Blood Donors

  • The personal story of how blood donation has impacted your life is perhaps the most powerful recruitment tool at your disposal. Sharing your story will encourage your friends and family members to donate blood.
  • Talk to friends, colleagues and/or family members who donate blood regularly and ask them to share their past donation experience(s). These stories can often make first time donors feel more comfortable with the idea of donating blood.
  • Reach out to potential blood donors through social media outlets, blogs and email. The people who stayed in touch and sent well wishes are also personally connected to your cause and will be the first to lend a helping hand!
  • Provide your story and a photograph to the LifeServe Blood Center Territory Representative who will help you plan the blood drive. These items can be used as part of the blood drive publicity materials and will help get the word out about the importance of blood donation.