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Get the Word Out!

Spreading the word about your blood drive is a critical element to the success of the event. Be creative and have fun when promoting the blood drive!.

Consider the following:

  • Talk it up! Personally ask people to give blood.
  • Use the publicity materials provided by LifeServe Blood Center to help promote the blood drive.
  • Get the local newspaper, radio station and/or television station involved by giving them story ideas and ask them to cover the blood drive on the day of the event.
  • Have a representative of the blood drive team available during busy times at post office, local bank or worship services to answer questions about blood donation and to promote the blood drive.

Tips for Recruiting Blood Donors

  • Be positive, enthusiastic and educated about the blood donation process and simply ask someone to become a blood donor. A personal, face-to-face invitation makes all the difference.
  • Find out if any community members or leaders have used blood and ask them to share their story. Being asked to donate blood by someone who has used blood is very powerful.
  • Talk to regular blood donors and ask them to share their past donation experience(s). These stories can often make first time donors feel more comfortable with the idea of donating blood.
  • Do something special to reward donors for signing up ahead of time. You can offer candy or other special treats, or see if local businesses would be willing to donate discount coupons.

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