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A Life Saved

Lt. Col. Jerry Self

Back in 2008, Lt. Col. Jerry Self, of Sioux City, thought he had come down with the flu. After finding himself unable to get out of bed for three days, he headed to the doctor and learned the shocking truth: Jerry had leukemia.

Five grueling rounds of chemo took a lot out of him. “The chemotherapy for me was very taxing,” Jerry explained. “I had a lot of weight loss, lost all the hair, was very tired, had a lot of side effects associated with the chemo: joints, bones hurting, that sort of thing.” During his battle toward health, Jerry received more than 40 units of blood, and felt healthier and more energized after each transfusion.

Thanks to generous blood donors, today Jerry is cancer free, and is able to spend time doing what he loves best: spending time with his family. He recently sat down with ABC9 News to share his story.


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