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Cancer Patient Survives with Help from Blood Donors

Mikayla Rietgraf

Mikayla Rietgraf was diagnosed with stage lV Ewings Sarcoma cancer when she was just 8 years old. The cancer was primarily located in her hip and the family received devastating news that it was inoperable. At the time of her diagnosis, Mikayla had a 20% survival rate.  She underwent chemotherapy treatments for one year, spending over 80 days in the hospital. Following each treatment, Mikayla received units of blood and platelets which helped her to survive. Today Mikalya is fourteen years old and in remission thanks to many generous blood donors. 

“To realize how many people gave blood - we were overwhelmed and the gratitude we feel is indescribable. Even now when I meet someone who is a blood donor I tell them how important it is that you did that - it saved my daughter.” – Mikayla’s mom, Deanna


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