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Mother and Daughter Saved By Blood Transfusions

Carol and Faith Schulte

Carol Schulte was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2009. After entering remission, Carol and her husband Matthew decided to have their first child. Twenty six weeks into her pregnancy, Carol’s leukemia returned. The couple made the decision to move forward with chemotherapy treatments while Carol was pregnant. Throughout the process, both Carol and the baby received blood transfusions. Upon delivery of baby Faith, Carol began needing emergency transfusions of both platelets and whole blood, ultimately using 50 units of each. She also received a stem cell transplant. Without these lifesaving donations, Carol would have had an emergency C-section and may not have survived.

Baby Faith was born seven weeks premature and weighed only four pounds and four ounces. After several days in the NICU, Faith was released to her healthy mother. Carol is thankful for the hundreds of blood donors that kept her and baby Faith alive.


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