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Plasma Donations Help Treat Young Patient

Mason Helwig

At the tender age of two, Mason was diagnosed with two rare, life-threatening diseases, that affect one in one million males.

During Mason’s battle he received a total of four lifesaving blood transfusions and a lifesaving bone marrow transplant to help him overcome the diseases. Now, Mason is doing extremely well largely due to the plasma-protein therapies he receives for his immune system that are made from lifesaving plasma donations.

“Blood donation has played an important part of saving our son's life. We have been faced with a lot of unknowns through our journey with Mason’s diseases, but one constant was that when we needed blood, we had access to it, because of generous blood donors. Now, that we use plasma-protein therapies on a monthly basis for Mason’s immune system, it is reassuring that LifeServe Blood Center does such a wonderful job making sure blood products available. Thank you, blood donors, for saving my son’s life!”

-Mason’s mom, Tiffany


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