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Special Sickle Cell Anemia Patient Gives Back

Isaiah Newsome

Isaiah Newsome is a teenager who has been battling sickle cell anemia since the age of three. Sickle cell anemia creates crescent-shaped cells in his blood that cause traffic jams in his vessels, starving his organs of oxygen and causing excruciating pain. To manage the disease, Isaiah receives a blood transfusion every three weeks to replace his misshapen cells. Through it all, Isaiah has found strength in his family, his faith, his creativity, and, most of all, the blood generously donated by blood donors. It takes seven to nine units each transfusion – 120 units to 150 units a year – to keep healthy blood cells flowing in Isaiah’s veins.

Isaiah spent many years looking for a bone marrow match so he can receive the transplant he needs. In June, Isaiah found the match and plans to receive the transplant in August. He and his family will live in Minnesota for three months after the surgery.

Isaiah and his family have been giving back to LifeServe by organizing blood drives and helping us recruit African American donors, so that Isaiah and other sickle cell patients have a higher probability of finding matching donors in our donor base. The next "Give for Isaiah" drive is July 26 at the Joshua Christian Academy from 9 am - 2 pm.

"I'm thankful for everyone who donates, because I know how it has saved my life on several occasions and it helps me to have a better life. Please donate blood or encourage people in your life to donate blood. Blood donors save lives and help people with chronic illness have a better life.”

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